Past picture banzuke

2015 H27 Jan Hatsu

Hatsu basho

Notice Takayasu was still komusubi, Kisenosato was still ozeki

Ichinojo gets his topknot!

Excellent condition

Hatsu basho

This basho Ozeki Kisenosato took yusho to propel self to Yokozuna next basho.

(Sleeve shows some wear, but actual banzuke is in excellent condition)

Osaka/Haru basho

Kisenosato's debut as yokozuna, where he beat Teru twice in a row to take rare debut yusho, and also where he got his probably career ending injury.

Excellent condition

2017 H29 July Nagoya

Nagoya basho

Takayasu's debut as ozeki, where he patented that lurch he does for the cameras before dispatching opponents.

Excellent condition

nov 2017 H29 Kyushu

Kyushu basho

The last basho for Harumafuji (still known affectionately by some as Ama) where the scandal would explode and he dropped out early..

Excellent condition


All illustrated banzuke come with sleeve even if not pictured.

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