Must Haves

Sumo fans!  Sumo merchandise to suit all tastes. Find sumo gear you want. Below is just a small sampling.

Amounts are in USD - but happy to take equivalent in low fee cryptocurrencies (XRP, USDT etc) or of course in yen, euros or pounds.

Nov / Kyushu banzuke

To be released on Nov 1st

58cm x 44 cm / 21.65 in x 17.3 in

Ships neatly folded (most fans receive it this way)

$7.55 USD, free shipping air mail worldwide

Kimarite (sumo moves) guide

The kimarite moves with pics explained in English (and Japanese).

Small pamphlet style, folds out.

$20.00  USD + $5.00 shipping air mail world wide

Authentic tegata

Click to check in detail.

Various prices, most in excellent condition

Binzuke (rikishi pomade)

A bar of that distinctive smelling pomade that lets you know rikishi are about. Some people buy if for their hair, some just to take whiff now and then. (Also known as bintsuke).

$28 USD + $8.50 shipping   


Sep / Aki basho magazine


The full color, beautifully rendered basho magazine. 

Yokozuna debut Terunofuji graces cover!

The magazine is now significantly larger than previous issues, a first in the history of these mags.

Most collectible item in sumo in my opinion.

$22 USD + $10.50 shipping  worldwide


Latest picture banzuke

The latest edition of picture banzuke for each basho.

Generally comes out around a week after banzuke rankings are announced

22.6 in  x  17.3 in 44 cm  x 57.5 cm

$18 USD + $4.50 shipping air mail worldwide

Full color Who's Who guide Sept 2021

Large color edition of sumo Who's Who guide

Pic and bio of EVERY wrestler active in sumo

$28 USD plus $10.25 shipping by airmail worldwide

Deck of Playing Cards

SOLD OUT for now

Sumo official playing cards, all top division 

$28 USD + $10.25 shipping air mail world wide

All Sumo Guide

Full of English info: history, tradition, rules, ranks, ceremonies, judges, and venue itself with full color pictures. sumo soul

$14 USD plus $4.50 shipping by airmail worldwide

If you have any questions or requests, please contact me ( See you on the dohyo.
- SumoSoul
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