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Sumo fans!  Sumo merchandise to suit all tastes. Find sumo gear you want. Below is just a small sampling.

March/Haru basho magazine

Pre-order the full color, beautifully rendered basho magazine. Daieisho graces cover. Released on March 10th.

The magazine is now significantly larger than previous issues, a first in the history of these mags as far as I know.

Most collectible item in sumo in my opinion.

$22 USD + $8.50 shipping  worldwide


Pre-order March 2021 picture banzuke

22.6 in  x  17.3 in 44 cm  x 57.5 cm

$18 USD + $3.50 shipping air mail world wide

March/Haru 2021 banzuke

58cm x 44 cm / 21.65 in x 17.3 in

Ships neatly folded (most fans receive it this way)

$7.55 USD, free shipping air mail worldwide

Official JSA 2021 Calendar

$25 USD + $12.50 shipping  worldwide


Full color Who's Who guide Sept 2020

Large color edition of sumo Who's Who guide

Pic and bio of EVERY wrestler active in sumo

$32 USD plus $6.25 shipping by airmail worldwide

All Sumo Guide

Full of English info: history, tradition, rules, ranks, ceremonies, judges, and venue itself with full color pictures. sumo soul

$15 USD plus $3.50 shipping by airmail worldwide

Tegata (Handprints)

High quality facsimiles of wrestlers' handprints.

27 cm long x 24 cm wide (10.63 in  x  9.45 in wide)

$14 USD + $5.50 economy shipping   

add $2.50 for airmail shipping

Deck of Playing Cards

Sumo official playing cards, all top division 

$32 USD + $5 shipping air mail world wide

If you have any questions or requests, please contact me ( See you on the dohyo.
- SumoSoul
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