Sumo has it's own terms for winning techniques. Here is a handy list of most of them.

The most common are listed alphabetically first - scroll further for less common ones.

HATAKIKOMI   Slap down

HIKIOTOSHI   Hand pull down

KOTENAGE   Armlock throw

OKURIDASHI   Rear push out

OSHIDASHI   Frontal push out

OSHITAOSHI   Frontal push down

SHITATENAGE   Underarm throw

SUKUINAGE   Beltless arm throw

TSUKIOTOSHI   Thrust down

UWATENAGE   Overarm throw

YORIKIRI   Frontal force out

YORITAOSHI   Frontal crush out


Less Common Kimarite

ABISETAOSHI   Backward force down

AMIUCHI   Backward twisting arm grab

ASHITORI   Leg pick

HIKKAKE   Arm grabbing force out

IPPONZE'OI   One armed shoulder throw

IZORI   Backwards body drop

KAINAHINERI   Two-handed arm twist down

KAKENAGE   Hooking inner thigh throw

KAKEZORI   Hooking backwards body drop

KATASUKASHI   Under-shoulder swing throw

KAWAZUGAKE   Hooking backward counter throw

KEKAESHI   Minor inner foot sweep

KETAGURI   Pulling inside ankle sweep

KIMEDASHI   Arm barring force out

KIMETAOSHI   Arm barring force down

KIRIKAESHI   Twisting backward knee trip

KOMATASUKUI   Over thigh scooping body drop

KOSHINAGE   Hip throw

KOTEHINERI   Arm locking twist down

KOZUMATORI   Ankle pick

KUBIHINERI   Head twisting throw

KUBINAGE   Headlock throw

MAKIOTOSHI   Twist down

OKURIGAKE   Rear leg trip

OKURINAGE   Rear throw down

OKURITAOSHI   Rear push down


SABAORI   Forward force down

SHITATEDASHINAGE   Pulling underarm throw

SHITATEHINERI   Twisting underarm throw

SHUMOKUZORI   Bell hammer backwards body drop

SOTOGAKE   Outside leg trip

SOTOKOMATA   Over thigh scooping body drop

SOTOMUSO   Outer thigh propping twist down

SOTOTASUKIZORI   Outer reverse backwards body drop

SUSOHARAI   Rear foot sweep

SUSOTORI   Ankle pick

TASUKIZORI   Reverse backwards body drop

TOTTARI   Arm bar throw

TSUKAMINAGE   Lifting throw

TSUKIDASHI   Frontal thrust out

TSUKITAOSHI   Frontal thrust down


TSURIOTOSHI   Lifting body slam

UCHIGAKE   Inside leg trip

UCHIMUSO   Inner thigh propping twist down

UTCHARI   Backward pivot throw

UWATEDASHINAGE   Pulling overarm throw

UWATEHINERI   Twisting overarm throw

WARIDASHI   Upper-arm force out

WATASHIKOMI   Thigh grabbing push down